Contemporary Leather Jacket Styles For Men And Women


Contemporary Leather Jacket Styles For Men And Women

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Leather jackets have always been a head turner. The sheen and the durability of this fabric are unmatched. The kind of jackets available in the market these days are designed keeping in mind not just the bikers or the punks but also moncler jakke other target groups like working women, students, fashion enthusiasts etc. The kind of designs available these days is sure to leave you awestruck. It's just proof enough that the fashion industry is growing by leaps and bounds and so is the number of creative designers in this field. The price range varies depending on the type of leather fabric used. If you are a hardcore biker then cowhide leather will help in protecting you from abrasions and serious injuries. If you want to include something luxuriously soft in your closet then lambskin leather is something you should opt for. There is myriad number of styles available for both men and women.

Few exclusive styles that would help you make a choice

Jackets for women

o A nickel studded lamb leather jacket with epaulettes on the shoulders and a band collar would be apt for women who prefer a sophisticated look. If you fall head over heels in love after seeing a leather jacket, that's when you know that you have to pick it up and include it in your wardrobe.

o A cropped jacket with a front zipper closure imparts youthfulness to your persona. It is apt for young college going girls or women who are confident enough to carry it off with unmatched style. A cropped style is when the hemline of the jacket is waist length or higher. It is a highly trendy style and is opted by a lot of women lately.

o A funnel collared jacket with epaulettes on the shoulder and front zipper closure moncler uomo imparts a very contemporary look and is apt for women who want to try something unconventional.

o If you want your jacket to be high on the comfort quotient and simultaneously exude unmatched style, a loose front belted jacket with a notch collar and epaulettes on the shoulder will truly complement your personality. You moncler online can team up a bright colored red or blue jacket with a white t-shirt.

o For women who are the sporty and athletic type can opt for a rugged dual colored leather jacket with a strip of a contrast shade on the sleeve and the collar.

Jackets for men

o A Fur collared jacket with flap pockets, ribbed cuffs and waistline and a front zippered closure would look highly ritzy especially if you are going for a cool uptown party. Black would be the best suitable color and the sheen it would emanate is sure to leave people awestruck.

o If you are the one who likes to be updated with recent trends and follow them religiously, a hooded quilted jacket with a front zipper closure would do complete justice to your contemporary modern persona.

o Soft lamb leather jacket with ribbed cuffs and front zipper closure is for men who would like to don a casual laidback style.

o A cardigan styled jacket with a shirt style collar and front two flap moncler pockets would be a perfect pattern for someone with mature looks.

o A Snap collared leather jacket with welt pockets and a front zipper closure is a style for the reckless youth. It looks very voguish and would complement a strong and a bold personality.


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