Wedding Trends Traditional Or Innovative Wedding Planning


Wedding Trends Traditional Or Innovative Wedding Planning

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With all the great innovative new trends for your wedding day out there you may want to look at incorporating at least one new trend into your wedding. This new trend could be in the area of your wedding day or perhaps your reception. This is ugg your very special day. Do something that will reflect who you are and show your personality to your guest and make your wedding much more memorable.

Whether your wedding is a religious one or secular one many couples blend in a candle to the ceremony or perhaps the drinking of wine from two bottles poured in one cup. Many use sand blended from two cups and poured in to one larger cup. The sand is a great option as the rest of the wedding party can become involved in adding a handful of sand to the cup.

This will add to the good luck of the Bride and Groom and be a lasting memory. Remember that this is your day of memories, every little thing you do is yours for a life time.

The reception
The reception is another time for the adding of new trend ideas. Some great ideas are unique shapes and colours. Look very carefully at perhaps going with ethnic food and ethnic music as well. My wedding was all white tables, white napkins white everything. Try going with colours and see the defence in your guest eyes. This is your wedding so reflect who you are and if you love blue then blue it is. A good option is with different shades of blue from the flowers to the table cloths down to the chairs.
Many couples are trying long rectangular tables that sit 12 over the traditional round tables. Try going with different sizes to match different groups your sitting at each table. You may want to have a drink ready at the reception for each guest. Maybe a pink lemonhead for the non drinkers and an ice filled tray with a unique vodka drink for the guest that does drink. Again each little difference you do is your own great memory.

Traditional dinning or a new trend
There are so many different concepts to the food end of things that this is where you can make real differences by adding a few new trends into your diner and evening. Some options are passing trays with unique textures to them. Interactive cooking is another option and you can try matching some entertainment to the foods your serving like Japanese drums to a sushi wedding dresses food station. Another option is classic guitarist or even a Spanish dancer. No Matter what your try this still adds a new and personal touch to your wedding and a great memory.

The Wedding Cake
I know that for many years the cake was a traditional display of decoration at the wedding. I however as do many modern couples and wedding planners think the wedding cake should taste like something. You will need to spend tiffany co some time with the baker and talk about the design of the cake and perhaps tell him you would like each layer of the cake to have an exciting flavour and then add the design to that concept of the cake. If you going to serve the cake to the guest then wouldn't it be nice if it tasted fantastic, now that`s a great lasting memory.

The Wedding cake Topper
For so many years the top of the cake has been adorned with the traditional sugar flowers and in many cases the statuette bride and groom. Times are a changing. There are so many great new trends for your wedding cake top. Some designs are Large hearts and angels or a design that go`s with your personality like a car or a bride and groom fishing. There are many comical toppers and the use of metals like silver and tin for initials. The point here is that again spend time think about your personality and style and remember sometimes old is new and you will see many new designs of the old bride and groom cake toppers but with a twist for the modern wedding. There are thousands of great toppers out there so don't just go with the bakers few in the shop.

The wedding Dress
The problem with wedding dress trends is that they change as fast as I`m writing this tiffany armband article. The one thing we see is that colour is fine and if colour is what you would like to wear then go with some colour in your wedding dress. The point here again is this is your wedding and you should not be afraid to express yourself with a beautiful coloured wedding dress


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